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Hotel Fitness Pack in Tuscany: Fitness Pack and Personal Trainer Deal

A special deal for Fitness in the Hotel designed for anyone who wants to enjoy a fabulous holiday whilst also staying in shape.

It’s the special deal available at The Sense Experience Resort and only valid for guests staying in one of the suites at the resort.

You can, in fact, combine the special Fitness Pack with your stay if you don’t want to let your wellbeing and physical fitness lapse even when you’re away from home.
Price: €99 per suite, VAT included.

Prices are shown below.

This offer includes

  • Technogym bag: Exercise Mat
  • Technogym bag: Foam Roller and Mobility Ball
  • Technogym bag: Power bands
  • Technogym bag: Loop Bands
  • Exclusive booking for our Aurora path reserved for up to 2 hours
  • “The Sense” water bottle
  • One energy drink per person per day delivered directly to the minibar in your Suite
  • Option to book an individual paid lesson with our professional workout trainer.

Fitness Pack

Fitness Hotel in Tuscany

You can stay in shape with this special deal in a real fitness center in the hotel, where you can work out, eliminate any built-up stress and toxins and regain top physical and mental fitness.
The merit also goes to the equipment included in the Fitness Pack which you will receive:

  • Exercise Mat: a gym mat that guarantees comfort and safety, allowing you to comfortably work out on the floor thanks to the special non-slip materials;
  • Foam Roller: the massage roller is a piece of equipment used to perform different types of simple and complex movements, to create real exercises. It is useful as a means of devising exercises for self-massage, muscle stretching, joint mobility, balance, muscle warm-up and strengthening;
  • Mobility Ball: it helps you to recover from muscle tension and soreness by stimulating the affected area with self-massages that promote myofascial relaxation;
  • Power bands: strong rubber bands that are perfect for doing exercises to strengthen muscles. They can be used to perform a full range of movements without worrying about dropping unwieldy weights on the ground. They are ideal for a full body workout;
  • Loop bands: highly flexible and resistant elastic bands that are closed in a loop. They can be used to increase muscle strength with the advantage that the resistance can be directed along any number of planes, making the exercise biomechanically correct, effective and safe.

Fitness center hotel in Maremma

The Fitness Pack also includes the option of booking an individual paid lesson with our professional fitness coach.

You will devise an exercise plan together.
You can, for example, opt for a Total Body Workout, i.e. a workout that involves exercising the entire body.
Or you can choose the GAG Workout with exercises that tone and work on the abdomen, legs and glutes.
You can, therefore, opt to be supervised by a workout expert to guide you whilst performing the exercises.
All in the beautiful setting of our resort, where you can work out in the open air just a short distance from the sea.

A truly breath-taking natural location which will make your workout even more enjoyable.
It is, in fact, the setting in which The Sense Experience is immersed that contributes to completing the wellness and fitness experience.
The Fitness Pack also includes the exclusive booking for The Sense Aurora path, reserved for up to 2 hours.
The Aurora Path is a private and solitary route that runs uphill along the dune in the holm oak forest as far as a seafront platform.

Here, you can admire the spectacle of the blue sea merging into the sky and enjoy the sounds and beauty of nature, set against the backdrop of a large pine tree, which defines and epitomises a unique place for relaxation and contemplation.
The Fitness Pack is a designed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Through specific exercises, you can attain your ideal body weight, improve your fitness and stamina, stimulate balance and coordination in your movements, achieve good mobility and boost your cardiorespiratory system.

Fitness is a moderate physical activity and so, can be done by anyone of any age provided they do not have any major medical issues which compromise their mobility.
Fitness exercises help to prevent excess weight gain, metabolic diseases, symptoms of anxiety and depression, osteo-articular and muscular disorders and illnesses, and ageing.

Fitness Pack is a special deal available at The Sense Experience Resort, valid only for guests staying in one of the hotel’s suites.

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