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Seaside restaurants Follonica in Tuscany

Our seaside restaurants in Follonica are a tribute to Tuscany. Among the most romantic is undoubtedly Eaté, directly on the water, offering gastronomic specialities from our region and the possibility to book an unforgettable experience on our panoramic deck with a reserved and exclusive table

Also worth trying is our All Day Dining service at The Sense Beach Club or breakfast and lunch on the veranda at our main restaurant, Dimorà, offering Maremma, but also international specialities.

Restaurant Dimorà

One Place Many Flavours

Restaurant Eaté

Simply Gourmet

Red Rabbit

Crazy Cocktails



Food and wine events

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Ristorante Eatè

The waterside restaurants in Tuscany at The Sense Experience Resort are a tribute to the local area and its fine cuisine.

Inside the 4-star hotel, guests can enjoy regional specialities at the Dimorà and Eaté restaurants or at the Red Rabbit crazy cocktails bar.

The culinary offer is broad and comprehensive, aimed at paying tribute to the best the local area has to offer, both in terms of basic ingredients and actual dishes.

Ristorante Eatè

All the ingredients are chosen according to the seasons to always ensure the best flavours and goodness.

The chef carefully choose and select the very best products, which are then prepared with a focus on taste but also their elegant presentation.

Dimorà and Eaté are also genuine seaside romantic restaurants in Tuscany located just a short distance from the beach in the Gulf of Follonica.

Ristorante Eatè

This makes them perfect for a whole host of experiences and for celebrating the most important occasions in your life by providing an exceptional location.

The natural setting in which they are immersed is very special, affording fairytale views that make these locations perfect for a romantic lunch or dinner with your partner.

Ristorante Dimorà

The Dimorà restaurant with table service is open for:

  • Breakfast (buffet): 7.30 – 10.30 am;
  • Lunch: 12.00 – 4pm;
  • Dinner: 7 – 10 pm in low and mid season | 7 – 10.30 pm in high season.

A precise choice of ingredients underlies its philosophy. The dishes are made by carefully selecting simple and genuine ingredients, typical of Tuscan tradition and cuisine.

The menu, therefore, features dishes that have a strong tie to the local culinary culture. Surf and turf dishes, which are an integral part of the region’s history, are revamped to bring out the flavours of days gone by in a modern setting.

The menu also includes detox solutions that interpret food as therapy, in perfect The Sense style.

There are also options for special diets, allergies and intolerances.

Breakfast, on the other hand, offers a comprehensive selection of cold meats and cheeses combined with jams and “mostarda”, fresh seasonal fruit, juices and extracts, mini pastries made by the chef and home-made cakes.

There are healthy and detox options with blended drinks and smoothies, as well as classic coffee, cappuccino, tea and herbal tea, all freshly brewed.

There is no shortage of tempting dishes, such as the “Eggs The Sense”, a reinterpretation of the classic “Eggs Benedict”.

Eaté is one of the most intriguing panoramic restaurants in Tuscany. It is located directly on the water just a few feet from the sea.

The scents, colours and the sounds of nature instantly delight our guests, immersing them in a fascinating setting, with a unique natural backdrop.

The kitchen philosophy is modern. It focuses on innovation through continuous experimentation. The menu features lots of new ideas based on strictly locally sourced products.

The result is a refined and innovative menu, with the best traditional regional dishes reinterpreted in a modern key and accompanied by a careful selection of local and international wines.

With space for just 30 guests for one of the most characteristic terrace restaurants in Tuscany, ready to offer a true gourmet experience with the best that the Maremma region has to offer.

Eaté is open with table service from 7.30 to 9.30 pm. Closed on Monday.

The restaurant is managed by Executive Chef.

The cuisine on offer is based on the choice of the highest quality products and combinations that make the dishes unique in their simplicity.

Extreme care, therefore, is taken over the selection of ingredients made by relying on trusted farmers and breeders. Authentic culinary delights that go into shaping the dishes and thus the menu of the Eaté restaurant.

A surf and turf menu that pays tribute to the Tyrrhenian Sea and Tuscan tradition through colourful, simple and genuine dishes.

In addition to the à la carte menu, there are three tasting courses featuring dishes made with quality ingredients such as scampi, scallops, grouper and weever.

A modern, light-hearted approach are the signature features of the Red Rabbit.

American bar Red Rabbit

The mixology bar at The Sense Resort is open from 10.30 am to half past midnight, with non-stop service.

A smart, welcoming, lively, young space. It is located in the central square, overlooking the sea. Just the place to let yourself be tempted by traditional classic international cocktails or signature ones created by our mixologist.

Perfect if you want to enjoy a cool, detox drink under your sun umbrella. But also for anyone who wants to enjoy elegant appetisers, first and second courses paired with an excellent glass of wine.

The Dimorà and Eaté restaurants, together with the Red Rabbit mixology bar, offer the opportunity to discover the most authentic Tuscan and Maremma cuisine with traditional dishes but also innovative options.

They do this daily, but also by staging genuine food and wine events designed to mark festivities such as Christmas, Easter and Halloween or to celebrate specific products through refined and elegant itineraries.

Last Minute Ponte di San Pietro e Paolo

The restaurants, all at The Sense Experience Resort on the Gulf of Follonica, have sea views and are tucked away in the pines behind the Torre Mozza beach.

The Mediterranean scrub, dune vegetation, sandy shores and gardens with shrubs and perennials all add to the beauty of the surrounding natural environment.

All this is part of a 4-star hotel, ready to offer its guests high-quality services and comfort.

The benefits of the hotel, along with the idyllic natural setting and menu options proposed by the restaurants, make Dimorà, Eaté and Red Rabbit the ideal choices for making the most important events in a person’s life truly memorable.