Special hotel deals in Tuscany for Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A favourable climate, fertile soil and skilled hands make Tuscan extra virgin olive oil (EVO) one of the most popular in Italy and beyond.

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Luxury Fall Special Dealuntil October 15th

This offer includes

  • Soft Drinks included from the in-room minibar
  • Free bike use
  • A bottle of Prosecco in your room on arrival
  • 1 Aperitif per person at our Red Rabbit
  • Premium breakfast (selection of some additional dishes included)
  • For those who book the full board rate, reserved table with service and lunch with sea view



The best deals in hotels in Tuscany dedicated to oil

With the special rates offered by The Sense Experience Resort, you can find out about the history, locations and culture of Tuscany through special experiences.

Such as the “Luxury Fall” package which gives you the opportunity to get an in-depth feel for the local area in one of the most fascinating periods of the year.

You can explore the countryside by bike to see the autumn leaves and the preparations for the olive harvest, as well as visit the mills and sample typical Tuscan extra virgin olive oil.

All while enjoying the comforts of the Resort with rooms and suites with a sea view, restaurants, mixology bar and pool.

The season for the olive harvest in Tuscany

According to tradition, November is the month of the olive harvest in Tuscany. However, you may well see workers and equipment in the fields from the second half of October.

The climate in this period is quite variable. Generally speaking, you can still count on beautiful sunny days, with pleasant temperatures in the middle of the day, but it is not uncommon to encounter almost wintry days.

Learn about the oil producers in Maremma

One of the best-known producers on the Italian olive oil scene is Giorgio Franci, who won the award for the best company of the year in 2019.

Frantoio Franci is a business that does not need much of an introduction; it is a highly successful company and a long-standing point of reference for local producers. Giorgio lovingly cares for his fifteen thousand plants on sixty-five hectares (160.5 acres) of land in the heart of Val d’Orcia. In Maremma, on the other hand, it is easy to find a good extra virgin olive oil, as well as shops specialising in typical products; many farms often sell oil they have produced themselves.

Tasting session with Tuscan EVO oil

New Tuscan EVO oil, “fresh” from the mill, means there are some simple traditional recipes that allow you to enjoy it at its best.

  • Tuscan “fettunta”: the classic slice of toasted bread seasoned with oil is called “fettunta” in Tuscany. It is a simple dish that is perfect for tasting the new oil.
  • Boiled beans or al fiasco: there are many ways to boil beans, some people use the classic bean pot (or “fiasco”), others use the terracotta pot, pressure cooker or any kind of pot (suitable for slow cooking). When you serve them, add a drizzle of new oil, a sprinkle of pepper and they are ready to be enjoyed!

Did you know that…

The extra virgin olive oil of Tuscan Maremma mainly owes its success to the characteristics of the area where it is cultivated, but also to the challenging layout of the land that makes it very difficult to mechanise the harvesting of olives, thus favouring hand picking. In addition to these aspects, there are also the inclement weather conditions with frequent winter frosts, which inevitably lead to an almost obsessive (and decidedly expensive) care of the olive groves by farmers, farms and small landowners.

The result is an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality, with a pleasant taste and very low acidity, ideal for use raw on food, healthy for balanced diets (especially the Mediterranean diet) and extremely easy to digest.

Come and experience Tuscany’s newest resort, nestled in a 5-hectare pine forest, an exclusive, private beach, swimming pool and gourmet restaurant right by the sea.

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