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The weekend is the right time to relax, have fun, and discover new places and villages.
The Tuscan Maremma is one of the destinations capable of truly captivating everyone, from children to adults.
This is thanks to the many opportunities for leisure and fun, discovery, and knowledge.

Weekend in the Tuscan Maremma

Nature, art, history, and culture guide us in identifying a series of perfect itineraries for singles, couples, families, groups of people of all ages.

A weekend in the Maremma can include visiting charming villages like Pitigliano, Sovana, or Sorano.

Or tasting local products: from wine to extra virgin olive oil, truffles, cold cuts, chestnuts, mushrooms, cheeses, saffron, bottarga, lard.

The woods and countryside, full of safe and signposted trails, allow you to organize excursions by bike, on foot, or on horseback.

The archaeological sites take us back in time, showing us the splendour of past eras. The beaches, the sea, and the islands offer absolutely unique landscapes.

What to visit in the Maremma in 2 days

48 hours is a limited time to visit everything that the Tuscan Maremma has to offer.

However, we can recommend truly unmissable destinations and organize the 2 days in order to optimize every second available.

What to see in the Tuscan Maremma in 2 days:

  • The Terme di Saturnia (springs). Reachable in an hour and 30 minutes along the E80. The Cascate del Mulino in Saturnia (waterfalls) are one of the 5 outdoor thermal springs in Tuscany. An authentic gift of nature, an oasis of absolute beauty characterized by limestone pools in travertine rock arranged in steps. The thermal water has a natural temperature of 37°C and boasts many beneficial and healing properties;
  • Pitigliano: reachable via the E80 in almost 2 hours. Called the Little Jerusalem of Tuscany, awarded the Orange Flag of the Touring Club and included in the circuit of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy. The village is immediately striking for its position, perched on a tuff spur. We admire it in all its beauty from the panoramic terrace of Via San Michele or from the viewpoint of the Sanctuary of Madonna delle Grazie. Among the unmissable places are the Jewish Ghetto, Palazzo Orsini, the Medici Aqueduct, the Church of San Rocco, the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul;
  • Vie Cave and Etruscan Necropolises: reachable via the E80 in almost 2 hours. Among the villages of Sorano, Sovana, and Pitigliano, there are canyons surrounded by walls of rock over 20 meters high. Many routes are available, all accessible for free.
    In Sovana, stands the Necropolis, included in the ‘Città del Tufo’ Archaeological Park. Inside, we find many Etruscan tombs, including the famous Ildebranda Tomb.

What to visit in the Maremma in 3 days

Dedicating an entire weekend or three days to visiting the Maremma allows you to explore other territories, venture into nature, or visit ancient villages.

What to see in the Maremma in 3 days:

  • Città del Tufo: reachable in less than two hours along the E80. It is an area characterized by the presence of tuff rocks. Since ancient times, settlements, villages, and fortifications were built here. Among the most important destinations, we find Sovana with its necropolises, Sorano, Pitigliano, and the Vie Cave;
  • Montemerano: almost an hour and a half from The Sense. We reach it via the E80. It has a characteristic that makes it a unique village: its heart shape. Here we visit the fortress, Piazza del Castello, the church, and the historical centre with its stone buildings;
  • Cala Violina: just 15 km from the hotel, we find one of the most charming beaches in Tuscany. A pristine place, with light and grainy sand containing tiny grains of quartz that, when stepped on, emit a sound similar to that of a violin.

Maremma: absolute must-see places in a weekend

There are places in the Maremma capable of capturing the attention of adults and children that we absolutely should not miss.

What to see in the Maremma in a weekend:

  • Scansano: just over an hour’s drive along the E80 takes us to a village famous for the Morellino di Scansano wine. Here we immerse ourselves in the history of the village, among medieval buildings and fairy-tale landscapes, but we also visit the vineyards and wineries where the famous wine is born;
  • Maremma Park: a short distance from the hotel is the first Regional Park of Tuscany. It covers 18,000 hectares and boasts an important variety of ecosystems populated by many animal and plant species. Perfect also for trekking, excursions, horseback riding, or canoeing along the Orbetello River;
  • WWF Oasis Laguna di Orbetello: less than an hour’s drive away. It is a must for birdwatching enthusiasts. We can admire many species that stop during migratory crossings;
  • Tarot Garden: just over an hour’s drive away is a park with artworks inspired by tarot cards created by Niki de Saint Phalle. Twenty-two large figures in steel and concrete, full of esoteric and symbolic meanings;
  • Cosa: about an hour’s drive away is the ancient Roman city of Cosa. We admire its ruins, visit the archaeological area, observe part of the city walls, the forum, the basilica, and the foundations of the Temple of Concordia;
  • Magliano: in less than an hour’s drive along the E80, we arrive in one of the most beautiful villages in the region. The medieval walls are still intact, and from their walkways, we observe breathtaking panoramas;
  • The Islands of the Tuscan Archipelago: through different types of boats, we visit the beauty of Elba, Giglio, Capraia, Montecristo, Pianosa, Giannutri, and Gorgona;
  • The Forts of Porto Ercole: an hour’s drive away are evocative fortresses built during the Spanish domination. The most famous are Forte Filippo, Rocca, and Forte Stella.

What is the most beautiful place in the Maremma?

The Maremma is an area full of things to see and discover.

Identifying the most beautiful one is a particularly difficult task.

For this, we rely on the quotes of famous personalities who lived in these places or were fascinated by them when they visited.

Poet Felicia Herman expressed herself like this: ‘The green Maremma, far around it spread,/ A sun-bright waste of beauty; yet an air/ Of brooding sadness o’er the scene is shed,/ No human footstep tracks the lone domain,/ The desert of luxuriance glows in vain.’

Gabriele D’Annunzio affirmed instead, «Sono Capalbio felice, difeso dal leone senese dal quale sono protetto, e da queste prime mura restaurate a proprie spese e dalla altre mura che circondano le prime, correndo gli anni millequattrocentoquattro oltre i quali il mondo aveva girato dieci anni e più volte due. » («I am happy Capalbio,/ defended by the Sienese lion from which I am protected,/ and by these first walls restored at my own expense/ and by the other walls that surround the first,/ running the years one thousand four hundred and four/ beyond which the world had turned ten years and more times two. »)

Best time to go to the Maremma

Is there a better time of year than others to surround yourself with the Maremma atmosphere?

In reality, each season has its advantages. Which ones?

Let’s find out together.

Why visit the Maremma in Spring: the parks, oases, and nature-focused locations fill with colours and unique scents. Flora and fauna reawaken, giving us the opportunity to admire them in all their beauty. All while taking advantage of the perfect climate, neither too cold nor too hot.

Why visit the Maremma in Summer: among the beautiful destinations of the region, the beaches certainly stand out. By visiting in the summer, we have the opportunity to experience these places to the fullest and take a pleasant swim. Must-see are Torre Mozza, Cala Violina, Castiglione della Pescaia, Feniglia, Giannella, Talamone, Marina di Alberese, Cala del Gesso, Ansedonia.

Why visit the Maremma in Autumn: the period between September and mid-December allows us to admire many species of birds busy with their migration; to participate in festivals dedicated to wine, chestnuts, mushrooms, truffles; to admire the wonderful foliage; to go horseback riding taking advantage of the not overly cold climate.

Why visit the Maremma in Winter: few tourist presences allow us to move around more relaxed. The crisp air and the rarefied atmosphere of the period give us a land where we can experience a holiday that allows us to rediscover ourselves by visiting dreamlike places and experiencing the magic of Christmas.