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Maremma today showcases all its unspoiled nature with strong contrasts and amazing, fascinating colours. The medieval towns are the jewels in the crown of time, the fascinating encounter between tradition and the local food and wine.

Then, there is the sea with the most beautiful beaches in Italy, Cala Violina, in particular. There are peaceful, quiet paths from Etruscan times to explore on foot, by bike or on horseback where time slows down allowing you to enjoy these special moments to the full.

We are in Tuscany, of course. Wine is taken very seriously here and the amazing cellars of Rocca di Frassinello e Petra are a fine example of this, avant-garde architectural wonders as well as ambassadors of age-traditions and taste.

5 hectares of pine forest

250 m private beach

Heated outdoor swimming pool

Top restaurants


Tuscan Maremma: when is the best time to go?

The climate in Maremma is always mild along the coast, with mild winters and temperatures that never drop below zero, plus cool summers that are never hot and humid. Sometimes it never rains in summer, the rainfall is concentrated in winter and spring with some storms in autumn. The best period to visit the Maremma is from April to October.


15° / 5°
59F / 41F


15° / 5°
59F / 41F


18° / 7°
64F / 44F


20° / 8°
68F / 46F


25° / 13°
77F / 55,4F


29° / 16°
84,2F / 60,8F


31° / 18°
87,8F / 64,4F


31° / 18°
87,8F / 64,4F


29° / 16°
94,2F / 60,8F


25° / 13°
77F / 57,2F


18° / 7°
64,4F / 44,6F


16° / 5°
60,8F / 41F

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The ideal climate for your holiday

The air currents that are typical of the Tuscan climate often change from the north to the south of the island of Elba, with Mount Capanne acting as a sort of “watershed” from a weather point of view.

This is why there is a unique microclimate in the bay of Follonica where it is always sunny and with temperatures of 3-4°C higher than in other nearby destinations.